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How to choose the tyre of peanut sheller?

The tyre is an important part of the peanut sheller, which bears the vertical load of the machine and the cutting force and lateral force of the road, thus ensuring the traction, braking and steering of the machine. However, the speed of the peanut sheller is low with heavy load, so the tyre is required to have high strength, high bearing capacity, good wear resistance, good elasticity and good adhesion to the road surface.

How to choose the tyre of peanut sheller:
1. Inflatable tyres: at present, inflatable tyres are the most widely used tyres of all types of agricultural machinery, which can mitigate and absorb the vibration and impact of uneven road surfaces. Most of the vibration and impact energy are absorbed by compressed air in the tire, and a few are absorbed by the body cords of the tire. Inflatable tyres can be divided into two types: tubed tyre and tubeless tyre.

2. Solid tyre: it usually refers to the hard-rubber tyre without much elasticity, as well as the rubber ring with certain thickness. The surface has cross dimpled grain to improve the adhesion between tire and road conditions. When bearing the same load, its diameter is smaller than the inflatable tyre, and the structure is simple with easy maintenance and there is no danger of puncture.

Choose suitable tyre according to the working condition and operating environment of peanut sheller is the essential condition to ensure the safe operation of the sheller. The selection of tyres includes the selection of tyre type and the determination of the tyre size. Special tyres for all sorts of peanut sheller are designed to adapt to various characteristics and satisfy the technical requirements of various devices with different tyre structures and parameters.


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