Peanut Shelling Machine

FAQ of Peanut Shelling Machine

1.How does the peanut shelling machine work?

Peanut shelling machine is a kind of commonly used agricultural machinery. You may probably know its usage according to its name, but not that clear about the structure and working mode of peanut shelling machine. So let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the peanut shelling machine.

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The structure of peanut shelling machine:
Basically, the structure and principle of all kinds of peanut shelling machines are similar with hand-feeding, double drum for secondary shelling, wind primaries, gravity separation sieve for selecting, secondary threshing of peanut fruit and automatic feeding. 6HB-40B peanut shelling machine is mainly composed of motor, frame, feeding hopper, threshing cylinder, fan, gravity separation sieve and secondary elevator, etc. The structure is simple and compact.

The working principle of peanut shelling machine:
The peanuts are sent into the feeding hopper by manual and roll to the drum first. Under the force of rotation of the pattern card and the concave plate of the grid, peanut shells and kernels would be seperated. After shelling, peanuts shells and kernels fall through the grid. In the air duct, most of the peanut shells would be blowing out of the machine. While peanut kernels and a small part of the broken shells drop on the gravity separating sieve and move to the two sides respectively in vibrating screen. Peanut kernels would be discharged from the discharge port, while broken shells would be blowing out from the other end by the plate fan. At the same time, unshelled peanuts will be sent into the second conveying device, through the conveying hopper to the feeding port for the second shelling.

Matters need attention when using peanut shelling machine

There are many things need to pay attention when using any machine tool. Unnecessary accident is inevitable if being used improperly. During the shelling process, there are a lot to be noticed when using the peanut shelling machine, the following are the main points:
1. Close the telescopic hopper before feeding. After the hopper is full of peanut fruits, open the gate slowly and close the outlet gate at the same time. When the peanut kernels and small fruit are gathering in gravity separation sieve for about 20 to 30mm, then open the gate slowly so that peanut kernels can flow out smoothly and small fruit would be left. In the production process, the kernel gate should be adjusted to the appropriate place, otherwise it will increase the breakage rate and reduce the cleaning degree.


2. When in the use of the peanut shelling machine, if the discharging gate is open, but the peanuts can not be discharged, you can adjust the connecting rod screw to the long direction, then the peanuts can be smoothly discharged.
3. If too many peanut kernels are found in the shells when using peanut shelling machine, you should reduce the air inlet of the fan. If there are too much shells in the feed inlet, you need to increase the air inlet of the fan appropriately.
4. When the peanut shelling machine works, the gravity sieve should be placed horizontally to make the impurity rate of peanuts from the outlet meet the requirement.

The shelling machine can be divided into three categories:

The shelling machine can be divided into three categories:
1. The shelling machine without separation device;
2. The shelling machine with a fan;
3. The shelling machine with a fan and a sieve.
The shelling machine without separation device means that the separation process is carried out in other places as a separate operation.
The shelling machine with a fan can only screen out the shell from the mixture of nuts and unpeeled fruit pods and can not screen out nuts from the mixture.
Peanut shelling machine is also called groundnuts shelling machine or sheller in some countries.

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