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Small Peanut Shelling Machine

The small peanut shelling machine can adapt to different varieties of peanut shelling, due to its small size, easy operation, especially suitable for families and individuals use.


Small Peanut Shelling MachineSmall Peanut Shelling Machine

Technical data of peanut shelling machine:

Capacity: 200KG/H
Voltage:220V or 380V
Weight: abt.40kg



Features of peanut shelling machine

1. Complete shelling and high productivity.
2. Low loss rate and breakage rate.
3. Simple structure, reliable use, convenient adjustment, less power consumption and certain versatility. It can be used for shelling a variety of crops,so that the utilization rate of the machine is improved.

Operating requirements of small peanut shelling machines

Peanut1. Requirements for the operating personnel. The operating personnel must be trained with appropriate technology, operations can be carried out only when the operator has the ability to operate the equipment. Before operation, the operator should also be familiar with machine operation instruction.
2. Preparation for equipment. Small groundnut shelling machines should be placed in the area or room with solid and flat ground. Fix the small groundnut shelling machine in the concrete foundation with expansion bolts or anchor bolt. It should also meet the requirements for power supply of the machine, and check whether each movement part of the equipment is in good lubrication.
3. Commissioning before use. When the machine is in normal condition, the test run can be carried out. Put into a certain amount of test materials according to the working speed. Test the technical data and adjust the machine according to the test results to meet the technical requirements and start to operate.
4. Finally, good care of the machine should be taken. After the operation, the debris inside and outside of the machine should be remove timely, and add butter in the moving parts of the support.
Above are the operating requirements of the small groundnut shelling machines. If you want to know more about the groundnut shellers, welcome to our company to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly.



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