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The use of peanut shelling machine

1. In the process of using the peanut shelling machine, feeding of peanuts should be uniform with 20 to 30 kg/min. If too many peanuts are found in the second blower and block the machine, the feeding amount should be reduced and the impurity removing door in the lower part of the blower should open. The reason for the excess material return may be that the gap between the sieve is large and the peanut is small. Put 40 or 50 biggest peanut kernels on the sieve, if a quarter of peanuts can not flow through it, you should enlarge the sieve size.

2. Turn off the baffle of kernel outlet before starting the machine to stop the peanut kernel from flowing out. When the thick of peanuts on the surface of the sieve reaches about 30mm, then open the baffle slowly to make the peanut kernels and small fruits flow along different directions. Adjust the opening of baffle often to make the peanut kernels flow out without small fruits as far as possible, otherwise it would affect the quality of shelling.

3. If a large number of peanut kernels are found gathering in the kernel outlet and cannot flow out smoothly even all kernel baffles are open, then the guide wheel can be slightly higher that the peanut can flow out smoothly.


4. High broken rate in the use process should be solved from two aspects: one is to adjust the clearance between the bottom of the sieve and drum, usually the first working bin should be 38-40mm and the second working bin should be 22-25mm (the new machine has been adjusted in the factory); the other is to change the sieve bottom of large gaps.


5. In the process of using the peanut sheller, if much peanut peel is found in the material, the windshield of the upper fan should be turned up to increase the air volume of peanut sheller. Conversely, if it is found that there are many kernels in the peanut peel blown outside the machine, the air volume should be lowered and the flap in the outlet of peel can be raised or lowered to achieve satisfactory effect.


6. All sides of the machine must be kept in the same level when installing (according to the flow of peanut kernels), otherwise peanuts and kernels would be mixed in the outlet. The method of leveling: if the side with more peanut kernels is lower, plank or hemp bag should be used to make the wheel of this side higher; when the side with more peanut fruits is higher, the underlay under the wheel should be reduced. If there are too many kernels in the outlet of peanut fruits, it shows that the side is lower and the guide wheel should be higher.

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