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The peanut sheller is a multi-functional peanut shelling machine with compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance and high shelling efficiency. The breakage rate of peanut kernel is lower with good sorting and low loss rate. Clods, stones, plastic and other debris in peanuts can be removed effectively.

Product features:
1. The shelling spin roll adopts rotating dry peeling of nylon roller and classification selection of electric sieve.
2. The shelling roll is made of high quality imported timber and the seed damage rate is extremely low. The shell adopts iron plate powder spraying craft, which is beautiful, generous, strong and durable.
3. The motor voltage is 220v and the power is 2.2kw. The new copper wire motor has longer service life.
4. The carefully designed special blower has moderate air volume and uniform distribution of wind. It can effectively separate the seeds and the shell and optimize seed recovery.
5. The peanut sheller is equipped with quality universal wheels, adopts unique side mount design, mobile convenient.
6. Small volume, high efficient and convenient. It can shell more than 250kg per hour with the peeling rate of above 98%.


1. Please put the peanut sheller in capacious and flat field when operating.
2. Use the matched mesh depending on the size of shelled peanuts.
3. Do not put hand into the motor, blower, shield inside, the feeding port and other moving parts when the machine is operating so as not to cause injury.
4. The width of the feeding port is generally adjusted about 3.5 centimeters (depending on the size and varieties of peanut) and keep uniform feeding.
5. When assembling the vibration sieve, the pull-rod nut on sieve bottom should be tightened, keeps the pull rod end of 2cm in length.
6. If the peanuts before shelling are too dry, the breakage rate would increase. You can use the water to get peanut shells wet uniformly and place them for a few hours before shelling to achieve the ideal shelling effect.

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