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Maintenance of Bk-700 peanut sheller

1. Bk-700 peanut sheller adopts triangle belt transmission. New belt would be stretched and get loose gradually by tensile force after using for a period of time. Thus, it should be adjusted according to the situation through the tighten wire drawing and tension pulley.

Peanut Shelling Machine
2. The hanger shaft of screen body and all bearing of peanut sheller should be checked timely. Once wear or oil starvation is found, refueling or replacing of the bearing should be made timely.
3. The temperature of the motor can't be more than 60 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the bearing should not be more than 25 degrees Celsius. Once excessive temperature is found, the operator should find out the reason timely and eliminate it.
4. When using the peanut sheller, the operator should often pay attention to the working condition of each part and check the bolt looseness of each part. Tighten the bolt at any time if it is loose. Special attention should be paid to the parts with high rotation speed, such as the upper and lower fan blade, especially the lower one. Note whether there is wear or fracture in the lower fan blade and whether there is wear or deformation in the external reinforcement plate of blade. Once problem is found, the operator should make timely repair or replacement; the hoisting shaft of sorting sieve and the joint of eccentric shaft and sorting sieve should be checked carefully.
5. Cleaning of the sieve bottom: the sieve bottom holes of the peanut sheller should be cleaned regularly with a wire brush. Once the sieve bottom hole is blocked, the kernels and peanuts would be mixed on the sieve and the discharging of kernels would be slow as well. As a result, the kernels would flow in direction of small fruit into the secondary work warehouse, which would increase the breakage rate of peanut kernels. The bottom of the sieve in stoning machine need to be cleaned regularly as well.
6. At the end of the processing season, major inspection should be made for the peanut sheller. First, check the operation and wear condition of the drum shaft, eccentric shaft and fan shaft; then, check whether there is deformation or crack on the bottom of the screen; check the wear of sorting sieve at last. After the inspection, the operator should repair the damaged parts, remove dirt and residues in the peanut sheller, tighten all the bolts, oil all the bearings, remove the belt and put the accessories in storage for the use of another season.

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